Solar energy at home

Solar rooftop PV and hot water are now cheap and accessible.

Each year, thousands of Australians are choosing to shift their homes to solar energy. Domestic solar and battery storage enables homeowners to decrease fossil fuel consumption, take control of their energy needs, lower their energy costs and even earn income from the excess power they produce. Options for renters and public housing tenants have also been developed.

Australia boasts the third highest per capita solar uptake in the world. Even the Coronavirus in 2020 did little to slow our solar uptake. In the Territory, solar PV installations by households and businesses have grown by an average of 45 per cent each year since 2010.

Good returns on new solar systems in the NT over a 3-5 year period are available. While the excellent feed-in-tariff has been changed for a new standard tariff of 8.3c/kWh on exports back to the grid, significant government grants exist for home battery storage.

Jacana Energy carries information about solar options here, and you can find more info here.

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